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Cold weather complications.

Where there is a risk to the boiler or installation from frost then a suitable frost thermostat should be fitted. A frost thermostat ensures that the boiler maintains a temperature which prevents freezing of the system water from occurring. The system can also be dosed with an antifreeze agent. A frost thermostat is fitted as standard to all Kabin Pak combi models. For all other Kabin Pak models a frost thermostat kit, incorporating an isolating switch, servicing function and clipped pipe stat is supplied as an option.

 Where temperatures drop below freezing the condensate discharge pipe may become frozen and this can prevent the boiler from operating normally. If this pipe is of reduced diameter and/or runs outside of the property or through a non-heated area then it should be fully insulated with waterproof lagging. If the pipe becomes frozen then it must be thawed. You should contact your boiler installer in order to thaw the condensate pipe and find a permanent solution to the freezing condensate problem.

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