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How often should I need to top up the pressure on my boiler system?

For all System and Combi boilers a filling point complete with a filling loop is supplied fitted to the expansion vessel. The filling loop must be disconnected from the mains supply after filling. A system pressure when cold of 1 bar is recommended. After filling, vent all air from the system.

In the first week of operation it is normal to see a drop in system pressure. During this time the system pressure must be rechecked and the system refilled. Failure to do so may lead to boiler faults.

When the boiler is connected to a sealed system the system pressure should be periodically checked. The minimum pressure, as indicated by the black needle on the pressure gauge of the expansion vessel is 0.5 bar when the boiler is cold and 2.5 bar when the boiler is at normal operating

temperature. If the pressure is outside this range, contact your installer or Warmflow.

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