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My boiler has stopped working but the red light on the front of the burner is not illuminated. What does this mean?

This may mean that mean that the high limit thermostat has been activiated.

The radiator temperature is regulated via the boiler control thermostat. The thermostat is user adjustable from 55°C at its minimum setting (dial‘0’) to 85°C at its maximum setting (dial ‘5’). In

order to provide an additional level of safety there is a high limit thermostat which has a cut off point of 110°C; this is factory set and is not adjustable. If thermostat trips it needs to be reset manually.

If the high level thermostat trip has operated, remove the reset cover by using a coin or screw driver (turning anti clockwise) and press the small red button now exposed. Do not press the reset button while the boiler is still hot as this will cause damage to the thermostat.

In combi appliances the high limit reset is located under the boiler’s control panel.

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