Air Heaters

Air Heaters

The Warmflow Freestanding Warm Air Heater is suitable for space heating of both industrial and commercial premises.

Automatic in operation, the heaters are designed for free-standing operation and can be modified for use with ducted warm air systems. 


  • Designed to burn Class 2 Kerosene Oil or Class D Gas Oil
  • Indirectly-fired, with the products of combustion being discharged into the atmosphere via the flue
  • Exceptional strength and handling due to unrivalled construction methods and integral base pallet
  • External panels are of double skin construction, ensuring low surface temperatures
  • Easy access to the combustion chamber door

Heat Output (kW) 44.0 87.9 175.8
Heat Output (btu) 150,000 300,000 600,000
Burner Model RDB2 G10 G20S
Flue Diameter (mm) 127 152 203
Flue Diameter (inches) 5 6 8
No. of Swivels 2 2 4
1 - 3 Phase Inverter? Yes Yes No
Fan Speed (rpm) 665 900 925
Fan Motor 1500rpm (kW) 0.37 3ph 1.1 3ph 2.2 3ph
Running Current (amps) 1.8 5.2 5.6
Fuse Rating per Phase (amps) 5 8 16
Approximate Weight (kg) 195 360 680

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