Flat Panel Solar Heating Kit

Flat Panel Solar Heating Kit

This kit is available as an in roof / on roof system

Warmflow Solar Roof Flat Panel collectors feature a high performance laser welded absorber with selective coating and are encased in a deepdrawn, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with 60mm of thermal insulation, minimising heat losses and maximising system performance. The absorber is protected by a layer of 3mm thermally pre-tensioned safety glass sealed with a one-piece EPDM seal. 

The collectors are assembled using an automated process during which a sealing force of over 200 tonnes is applied, ensuring the internal components are effectively shielding from the harmful effects of the weather and guaranteeing a long service life. 

Comes with

  • 2x Flat Panel Collectors
  • Tiled Roof Mounting System
  • Dual-line Pump Station and Controller
  • 2 x 1000mm Insulated Flexible Hoses
  • 18 Litre Solar-Rated Expansion Vessel
  • 10 Litres 'Green' Solar Fluid

Advantages of the Solar Flat Panel System

  • Easy to install support frame.
  • Frame can be installed prior to fitting the panels.
  • 4 connections (two off each side) to connect to additonal panels.
  • As many as 10 panels in 1 series side by side.
  • Specially-designed connectors to accommodate thermal expansion.
  • Circumferential EPDM profiled seal.
  • 3.0mm thermally pre-stressed, impact-resistant safety glass.
  • Deep-drawn, one-piece, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing.

Model Solar SFP2TI (Tile Roof) Solar SFP2SI (Slate Roof)
Absorber area 2.0 m² 2.0 m²
Collector L x W x H (mm) 2100 x 1100 x 110 2100 x 1100 x 110
Assembled weight Kg 36 36
Absorption 95% 95%
Emission 5% 5%

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