Tube Heat Pipe Solar Heating Kit

Tube Heat Pipe Solar Heating Kit

This kit is available for a slate or tiled roof

The 360º absorber surface in this Warmflow Tube Heat Pipe Solar Heating Kit maximises the use of the sun’s energy by catching the sun’s rays from a wide angle as it passes from east to west during the day. The vacuum chamber between the inner and outer layers of glass minimises heat loss in a similar way to a thermos flask, meaning as much of the sun’s energy as possible ends up where you want it - in your hot water. Because the losses are minimised, a Warmflow Solar vacuum tube system is capable of contributing significantly to the energy required for hot water production even during the winter, as long as the sun is shining. 

Comes with

  • Heat Pipe Manifold
  • 20 / 30 Vacuum Tubes
  • Tiled Roof Mounting System / Slate Roof Mounting System
  • Dual-line Pump Station and Controller
  • 2 x 1500mm Insulated Flexible Hoses
  • 18 Litre Solar-Rated Expansion Vessel
  • 10 Litres 'Green' Solar Fluid

Advantages of the Solar Vacuum Tube system

  • Top Connections: Meaning products can be fitted closer maximising roof space.
  • Tubes come seperate so can be moved around with ease.
  • Seperate tubes also means no heavy lifting required.
  • System can be installed, filled and pressure tested without the tubes in place.
  • Can be tested cold, reducing risk of burns.
  • Single replacement pipes can be fitted with ease without draining the system first.

Model Solar SHP20 Solar SHP30
Number of Tubes 20 30
Absorber area 1.626 m² 2.439 m²
Collector L x W x H (mm) 2050 x 1400 x 154 2050 x 2100 x 154
Assembled weight Kg 65.5 95
Absorption 95% 95%
Emission 5% 5%

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