Save your customers thousands of pounds by using a Warmflow ground source heat pump!

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Save your customers thousands of pounds by using a Warmflow ground source heat pump!

In the current climate, everyone is looking to save money where possible and when it comes to heat pumps, the brand you chose can have a major bearing, not just on price, but on performance. Choosing the right brand can mean that you and your customers can save even more!

Not all heat pumps are the same, as demonstrated by Warmflow’s range of revolutionary ground source heat pumps, which feature variable outputs of up to 10kW and 18kW. Warmflow GS08 & GS16 ground source heat pumps are the highest efficiency units in their class thanks to our intelligent software control, waste heat recycling and the latest inverter driven Copeland compressor together with Grundfos’s new high efficiency modulating brine and heating pumps.

The units are designed with variable speed, inverter driven compressor units, which draw on the latest technology to achieve market leading efficiency of 508% at B0W35, the most efficient in Europe! With the new energy efficiency labelling in place, the Warmflow Ground source heat pump has a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) of 5.00 giving it the highest band of A+++. In basic terms, this means your customers can increase savings via the RHI payment scheme by thousands of pounds.

In addition to market leading efficiency, customers no longer need to be restricted by fixed speed units with all their limitations. The variable speed compressor gives the Warmflow heat pump a wide output range, automatically modulating within this range depending on your heat demands. Working off a single phase power supply, this means you don’t have to install a 3 phase electricity supply as the Warmflow heat pump will ramp up slowly avoiding large starting currents associated with fixed speed units. In addition, this eliminates the need for a buffer tank in almost all installations saving both time and money for you and your client.  It also offers a flow temperature of 65°C whilst still achieving ground breaking efficiency and allowing domestic hot water to be heated to 60°C.

For the specifier and installer, the variable heat output also means that the sizing and specifying of a heat pump is made easier. The heat output has a large range, which automatically adjusts to meet the demand and therefore does not need to be matched exactly to the peak heat load; something that is essential to the overall efficiency of fixed speed units. Our Ground Source Heat Pumps are equipped with the latest ErP variable speed circulating pumps, which matches their speed to the hydraulic resistance and the heat demand of the system and extraction rate of the ground loop, meaning maximum efficiency is achieved throughout.

All Warmflow ground source heat pumps and sealed heating system components include a 12l expansion vessel, conveniently housed within the heat pump casing. This speeds up installation time and plumbing needed on site, reducing cost further. The unit also has an inbuilt monitoring system, which monitors flow temperature, flow rates and system temperatures for easy commissioning as well as a dedicated wiring system, which simplifies the connection to external wiring and sensors.

To ensure continued high performance and reliability, flexible hoses, a full flow 3-port diverting valve, brine & heating filters are included with every heat pump.

For ground breaking efficiency and real customer savings, don’t look any further than Warmflow’s ground source heat pump.