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The Erp Rating

The ErP (Energy related Products) Rating is a new requirement set by the European Union which resulted from many years of negotiation between European Members States and the EU Commission.

It is designed to drive improvements in the efficiency and performance of heating and hot water products. ERP rated products must be manufactured and tested to strict performance standards and energy efficiency information must be made available to aid the selection of product. It will ensure homeowners are aware of the efficiency level of their products which is clearly displayed on the energy label. The ErP rating introduces new efficiency classes from A++ to G.

When your heating appliance is combined with another product, e.g. heating controls, then a Package label will be produced. The package label will provide the combined energy efficiency rating of the whole system rather than ratings of each individual component

The person who puts the package together is the one responsible for producing a package label. For example:

  • The selling Merchants’ responsibility if they supply the complete package under one part number.
  • The system installer if they have put the package together.


Product Label

Supplied by the product manufacturer, the label indicates the energy class of the heat generator, together with additional information as required for the technology. This label shows a simple space heater product label.


Package Label

Supplied by the ‘Installer’ to the end user, the package label indicates the energy class of the package as a result of combining the individual products. This label shows a package of a boiler and temperature control.